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Daddy’s Hands

In loving memory of David holding his second son, brought into the world by gestational surrogacy. David lost his battle with cancer this fall, it was an honor to document this time for the family but even more so to get to know a wonderful man. You will be missed David – and Annabel, my heart goes out to you and your sweet boys who will forever have a special place in my heart!



Curly Cord

I have always wanted to get a shot of an umbilical cord with it still curly and fresh. This birth was so special to me as this baby entered the world en caul, the statistics say that this is a very rare occurrence, so for me, this was such a highlight of my birth photographer career!



Every Piece of You

So special to be able to be a part of this wonderful Mama’s birth. She has played such a huge role in my parenting journey and to watch her evolve into a Mother and take on motherhood has been such a treat. I am always grateful for being a part of birth stories, but especially this one.



A Mother’s Love

I am unsure what this Mom of the birthing Mom was laughing at, but this birth was full of laughter and jokes. She was so supportive of her daughter and having her own babies made her experience shine. She was full of gentle reminders, back support and yes, some joke and laughs too. I was in awe of how this Mama brought her baby into the world, fast a fierce surprising us all!


Proud Daddy

Being involved in this family becoming parents was such a delight. I have enjoyed getting to know them and loved watching them evolve into the wonderful, loving parents that they are. To watch this Dad with such awe holding his daughters hand and making sure she was okay, with that proud Daddy grin was certainly one of the highlights of 2019.



I did it!

This was the final birth of 2019 for me, and this first time Mama rocked her birth. She listened to her body and was such an incredible inspiration for me! You certainly did it, and made it look good!


Crowning a Queen

In the early hours of the morning, I headed to this home for a beautiful home birth. In the heat of hard labor, the older kids began to wake up, and this sweet girl brought her Mama her very own tiara and gently placed it on her head. It was an impromptu moment that melted every single person in the room.



Proud Tears

Watching her Mom give birth to a baby who was someone else’s son made this sweet girl well with tears. She was so proud of her Mom, but also full of emotion watching the whole event. This was the second surrogacy I have documented for this Mama and it is always such an emotional day, filled with joy & pride that I was there to witness such a selfless act of love.



Midwife Love

Getting to know the midwives at The Bozeman Birth Center has been one of the biggest deciding factors for me to have my 4th baby there with them. They are so full of calm and confidence and love their job. Kayla’s smile says it all in this photo. I am so excited for 2020 to experience my own Birth Center Birth!



After Birth

Not many people know what this looks like, those first few hours after giving birth. Your first shower, your first look at your naked post birth body, your first pee or your first nap. I am proud that I document the raw and the real. One of my goals in my career as a professional Birth Photographer is to normalize ALL aspects of birth not just the exciting and fun times, but the real the raw and the often unseen.


May your new decade and new year bring you confidence and the self love that you deserve. Be kind to yourself always, life is too precious, from the moment you arrive until the day you leave this world, to feel anything less than that!

All my love,

Mikaela DiBerardinis