Motherhood: MT

Personal Project: Motherhood in Montana

I, like so many others, follow many people on social media. I noticed this common thing, the title of “mom”, and how we as mother’s have this bond, a commonality that sets us apart from the rest.

“…how they juggle work life, mom life, and everything in between.”IMG_0463

As a photographer I have had the privilege of photographing many different Mothers in so many situations. I hear this repetitive mantra, as if we inherit it the moment we are called Mom, the mantra of “I am not like them, I am not as good as them”.

I want to let this myth go, I want Mom’s to understand that no matter what, we are all still Mom. This is the first of a 2 part series featuring different Mothers in the area. This will give you a glimpse into their REAL, how they juggle work life, mom life, and everything in between.

This will be launching next week! Check back to see who this series will be featuring… sneak peek …


I am so excited about this!